Tafoni Cave Hotel

Unveil "il Canto di Cappadocia"

Tafoni Cave Hotel


At Tafoni Houses we are fine-tuned to “wow” you with experiences and sincere hospitality.

Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel - Cappadocia

With its prime location perched on the cascading slopes of Ortahisar town, the official center of Cappadocia region, Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel offers the convenience of being minutes away from all major sites of interest while standing at the doorstep of “less-trodden Cappadocia” right along the side of Balkan Deresi Valley famed to be the most beautiful & longest hiking route in the area. The property proposes eighteen cave & vaulted suites that were ancient dwellings renovated into luxury accommodations charming its guests with an interior decor composed of original art works, antiques and vintage furniture. Boasting its handpicked staff dedicated to their commitment to accommodate guests’ needs above and beyond, the property is perfect for aesthetes and adventurers alike, seeking an experiential accommodation that would propose sublime luxury within an idyllic ambience.

Galleria Dell’Arte

The concept is launched as “the scene” throughout the property by the landlords with the motto that “art nourishes the soul & the mind”. In an ever-changing world and challenges of quotidian life, mankind needs mental seclusion and safety zones that would chill and relax the spirit. With this doctrine in mind, each and every suite, the restaurant, the panorama terraces and every corner of the property serves as “Galleria Dell’Arte” displaying unique works of arts and antiques willing to attract the attention of seasoned travelers to take them on an inspiring journey of creativity charged by cultural heritage.

The Tafoni Experience

Understated luxury proposed in the most blissful ambience of a “cave villa” where food is divine and hosts are more than eager to take every extra step to please their discerning guests in the midst of surrounding panoramas and the pastoral soul of a living Cappadocian town... defining the mesmerizing Tafoni Experience

Dining & Wining

Dining at its cave restaurant, The Nest, is an essential element of the Tafoni Experience that becomes a veneration of healthy Turkish cuisine by the talented hands of the acclaimed chef Sadi Saygılı. His dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables, regional herbs, and special cuts of meat. With its alluring ambience and most hospitable service, The Nest proposes unique tastes to entice the seasoned palates and exalt guests’ stays from the very first bite for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Complementing the joy of dining with delicious Turkish cuisine, as a purveyor of fine wines, Tafoni Houses presents a select collection of Cappadocian wines eligible for the most savvy wine connoisseurs that would make a toss with each sip to the Tafoni Experience!

Adventureous Activities & Outdoor Events

Located right along Balkan Deresi Valley, Tafoni Houses offers a great variety of outdoor experiences including hiking, biking, quad and horse riding. With its vicinity to take-off field of hot-air balloons and the famed Red Valley that has the best panoramas of the region, the property provides superb logistics to launch outdoor events such as private picnic breakfasts, sunset cocktails & dinner parties, destination weddings, and more.

Responsible Hospitality

Fulfilling its responsibilities towards Mother Nature, Tafoni Houses pursues a dedicated recycling program of wastes, and collecting rain water to irrigate its gardens and decorative flowers. The property shines with its policy of planting tree saplings for bookings exceeding two overnights while producing energy from its solar panels to be used at the property. Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel is dedicated to its commitment in respecting and preserving natural habitat also through nourishing the large variety of birds living in Balkan Deresi Valley especially during winter months when snow and frost can be life-threatening for birds to find food to survive on
Giving Back to Community
Located in the midst of a living Cappadocian town, Tafoni Houses is connected to its surrounding sociocultural and socioeconomic ambience and giving back in many thoughtful ways, including donating volunteer time, funding schools, and supporting local talent. Homemade jam, tomato paste, grape molasses and most of its soup prepared with dried vegetables are actually acquired from local women to contribute to cooperative of Ortahisar town to support women’s socioeconomic position in the society. Tafoni Houses pays sincere attention to create ambiances of cultural exchange for its discerning guests to socialize with surrounding locals through creating get-to-gathers through home-visits either for culinary experiences or simply for an afternoon coffee.


Take a peek inside and see why hundreds return every year.


In Cappadocia time seems to flow with more eloquence. At Tafoni Houses that you will live joyous moments in style enhanced by hospitality of our passionate staff. After spending days of touring exploring the treasures of Cappadocia, you can return to your room to enjoy relaxing moments by immaculate treatments of our masseur. In the late afternoon you are invited to join us at Hookah Terrace to experience smoking the famed tobacco hookah of Turkish culture with the company of a selection of teas on charcoal fire. After dinner, we would like to see you visit us at Galileo Terrace to watch the starlit sky with vintage telescope; an experience unique to Tafoni Houses. If you are in the mood to listen to the songs of the spurs echoing on the steep slopes of surrounding rock formations, join us for a ride on the famous horses of Cappadocia. At Tafoni Houses we are fine-tuned to “wow” you with experiences and sincere hospitality.